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The ultimate in mind games

With Kayn™ you’re in control of the strategy, you make the moves – you try to outwit your opponents.


You’re controlling characters called PsiMages who are piloting massive, hi-speed KX8 – Delta Assault Vehicles.  The PsiMage is a human hybrid with an unlimited ability to bend the world around him into chaos – just by thinking it!


Your Games Console will handle all the complex rules and show you what the consequences of your actions look and sound like.  Kayn™ will be compatible with PlayStation®, Xbox® and PC platforms so there are already plenty of potential players out there!


KaynTM redefines the board game experience by introducing dynamic playing environments and rules, gaming levels, and artificial intelligence to the table-top game.


Anyone can play – Anywhere!

We have designed Kayn™ to appeal to a broad range of players; from children to families to serious game players, everyone can take part.  Kayn™ can be played straight from the box – but the true potential is released once you start designing your own KX8 Delta vehicles and developing your PsiMage abilities.  KX8 Delta vehicles and PsiMage characters are saved to memory stick after each game allowing them to appear in any Kayn™ game and also Kayn-NET.


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An exciting new world called Psilesia Project™ where PsiMages engage in games of combat and wits