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Toy Fair 2007 Review 23/02/07

Fusion Games® had a very successful fair and we were gratified by a universally enthusiastic response to our new products and ideas from all sectors: press, games designers, games players, high street retailers, online retailers and distributors.

We believe that we have a very innovative product set coupled with a wonderfully fresh approach to the way games can be presented and played.  The successful outcome of the Toy Fair has placed us in a strong position to move forward and we are very excited about the future of Fusion Games®, Psilesia Project™ and Kayn™














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Fusion Games didn’t have a game, they had a whole series of games: the Psilesia Project. These start with the board game, Kayn. This is a fantasy combat race game that uses a computer (or games console) to administer the game and act as GM. There is also a role-playing element as players can develop their character and customise their vehicles.”

“Coming next is Kayn-Net, an online environment where players can compete and build up their standing and resources. The first expansion for the game, Kayn-Team, is expected to be available before the end of 2007 to allow team competitions. This is a fascinating cross of board game, role-playing game and computer game and I hope it develops the following it needs.”

Review courtesy of Paul Evans