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Kayn-NET Online Community

Kayn™ heralds a new era for board gaming – providing an impressive set of web-based features via Kayn-NET.


Kayn-NET establishes an online PsiMage community hosting:

· A PsiMage Lounge

· League tables

· Competitions

· Head2Heads

· Kayn™ Quests

· Character management

· Patches and downloads


Kayn-NET also offers powerful KX8 Delta vehicle design, upgrade and repair facilities.


Kayn™ credits are used to trade with both Kayn-NET and other players – improving your KX8 Delta vehicle and saving it for its next race.





Kayn–NET is an internet based client-server application that allows players to design and develop characters, vehicles, weapons and special abilities for use within any KaynTM gaming session.


KaynTM is able to save information for each character so that it can be imported into the Kayn–NET web environment.  Once there, characters can use gained experience to increase their skills, and earned credits to repair, trade or upgrade the KX8 weapons or components ready for the next race.




Its more than just a great game – Kayn-NET Online Community

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