Raising the game

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The standard game, where each player plays as an individual, against each other and the Games Master within the FusionWare, to win the credits, experience and glory.


The package includes :

· An impressive 1000 x 600 mm game board

· A three piece 3D bridge model (an optional Models Pack will also be available featuring 140 3D pieces and an expansion to the rules, to really bring the board alive)

· 8 KX8 playing pieces

· 32 interchangeable terrain sections

· A full manual

· Free membership to the KaynTM web community

· The standard KaynTM FusionWare disk for your preferred Games Console or PC


FusionWare is the heart of the playing experience.  By acting as a Games Master, managing the rules and combat tables and using intelligent menus to simplify game-play, FusionWare elevates the game into the realms of a real-time-strategy simulation.

FusionWare brings you thrills, spills and action along with all the edginess of full surround sound FX.


KaynTM redefines the board game experience by introducing a dynamic playing 

environment and rules, gaming levels, and artificial intelligence to the table-top game.


Upgradeable – Expandable

Kayn™ launches with three great products - with more to follow:

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