Raising the game

Fusion Games 

About Us

Fusion Games® is a new company founded by Game Enthusiasts.  Having played games of all descriptions throughout his life, Paul feels there is a unique gap in the marketplace which he is looking to fill with an innovative genre of game.

Paul’s twin passions, games and technologies, have led him to make full use of modern technology to enhance the traditional board game.  The aim is to ensure that players get the most from each game by blending the real and the virtual, lifting board game playing to another level of enjoyment for all.


Future Developments

Kayn™ is the first in a series of hybrid board games to be developed by Fusion Games® over the next 3 years, and is set within the world of Psilesia Project™.


Within these games PsiMages will be pitched headlong into different competitive scenarios which will showcase their unique abilities.  Each game will follow the interaction and internet trading ethos of Kayn™ thereby building the Psilesia Project™ community.

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