Raising the game

Fusion Games 

Kayn-Team Upgrade Pack



The Game Unleashed!!


Demonstrating the full potential of Kayn™, the Kayn-Team upgrade pack brings a thrilling set of team games to life.



Play the Kayn™ versions of classic team games like Capture The Flag, Domination and Last Man Standing.



Kayn-Team uses the existing board and pieces but allows for up to 4 teams to compete head-to-head in frenetic games of territory and possession.



The expansion pack comes with an additional set of characters and weapons and is fully compatible with Fusion Games® Kayn–NET web based character development product.



The adventure is only just beginning………


Watch out for free weapons and abilities downloads!!


An exciting new world called Psilesia Project™ where PsiMages engage in games of combat and wits

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