FG Audio Production Studio

For the Music in YOU

FG Audio Production Studio offers a wide range of services and support for all your audio needs—from composition to training.  Don’t see it here?  Call and discuss your needs!

Studio Services

At FG APS we have access to a wide variety of composers and musicians, who can turn any brief into a reality.  We also have access to stock songs and tunes available for licence to fulfill your requirement.

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Composition Commissions/Licensing

FG APS produce high quality surround sound audio & special effects in a variety of formats. If you need FX for games, web applications or presentations, coupled with high quality project management, then look no further!

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Audio FX Production

Our multi-track facilities and sound engineer at FG APS are available for hire; particularly suitable for demo tracks, voice-overs, sound-tracks and composition/arrangement projects.  Call us and discuss your needs!!

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Studio Hire & Recording

Powerful Cubase SX 3/4 coupled with a strong array of outboard studio equipment, all in the hands (ears) of an experienced technician.  Bring your project alive!!

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Mastering & Production

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