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Welcome to Fusion Games, the home of the exciting new world of Psilesia Project™ and Kayn™ the hybrid board game

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MySpace—Worlds End

World drum beat, metal bass line and a fiddle? A rockin' tribute to Cap'n Jack Sparrow and The Pirates of the Caribbean.


Avast me hearties, heave to and fold yer lug 'oles around this mutinous tale on the high seas!! Mind I want yer all joining in with the chorus now or ye'll be feeling the bite of the sea and the twang of the plank!!!!


Wippit is a music download service with a wide range of recordings for you to download and play at your leisure. We've got everything from Rock to Rap to Classical to Football Anthems! Even Wippit Ringtones!


There are many experiences of Enlightenment, to be discovered, in this school of life. We usually have several 'wake-up' calls before we begin to stir and awaken to see the bigger picture.



Formerly Plumage&Plunder, Bilgemunky Radio features the very best pirate-themed music from a wide variety of sources, spreading pirate goodness each and every week.

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