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We also work continuously to ensure that all of our venues receive the most exposure that they can from our social media campaigns.† Our facebook reach figures are impressive and improving every month!



So far we have brought 32 artists to the attention of our venues and we are delighted to announce that 12 have picked up gigs as a direct result!

We are hoping to continue and improve this throughout the year - so congratulations to:



Morgan Dew

Paul Marshall

Rich Baxter

Chris Collins

The Hardcore Troubadours

Shades of Red

Donít Fret

Older Girls

E.J Evans

Calvin Glen

Music In Translation

Charlie Woodford



In the meantime please do come and support us and increase your exposure at our various venues - creating a local following increases the chances of a gig.

Many thanks to all of the Artists and Venues that have supported our TimbreWulf project so far.† Over the coming year we will be working hard to find good, solid venues to host live music.

Venues that can provide a good environment, an appreciative audience and that are interested in hiring artists outside of the TimbreWulf Showcase.



We will also be working to raise the profile of any and all artists and venues that would like to engage with our events.


For artists, will always encourage our venues to hire from the TimbreWulf Showcase rosters and we will be using the TimbreWulf social media presence to promote as many local artists as we can.† If you have any suggestions as to how we can help you further, then please donít hesitate to contact us at TimbreWulf Artists or TimbreWulf Venues


For venues we will bring a superb selection of local talent to your door, almost guaranteeing a great evening of live entertainment!